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Digital Graffiti, What is and How it works

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What is Digital Graffiti?

Digital graffiti is a new way of creating graffiti using the computer system. Introduced in 2008, it has rapidly evolved and expanded over the past decade. Any large-scale art form inspired by this traditional medium comes under the umbrella of digital graffiti.

How does it work?

This art form makes use of particular aerosol cans. Instead of paint, these cans emit infrared radiation that is not visible to the naked eye. This radiation allows the technology behind it to work. The great advantage of infrared radiation technology is that there is no paint involved, and it avoids the hazards of paint smell and fumes. 

Unlike other digital art forms, digital graffiti still uses physical elements and practical paint applications. Therefore, this is a hybrid technique that bridges both graffiti painting and digital artwork. These art forms are to be significant art trends in 2022 and beyond. 

Creating digital graffiti is a work of art. The first step for many artists is to create a sketch or an outline of the design in mind. This sketch can help you make the first draft of your artwork using an online illustrator or photoshop. After that, you can create a 3D effect. 

What is a Digital Graffiti Wall?

Graffiti has always been a medium and a channel for people to express themselves. It allows them to display their thoughts, opinions, and personality without any filter. The digital graffiti wall is a contemporary version of the same traditional graffiti. 

There have been marvelous artworks created to date, and the method continues to grow in popularity. Numerous artists have been pushing boundaries and have done fantastic work in this field. Some names worth mentioning are Helen Marshall, Jonathan McCabe, Luzena Adams, and many more. 

Digital Graffiti

Digital Graffiti

What is AR graffiti?

More commonly known as AR graffiti, augmented reality graffiti allows graffiti artists to paint virtually without getting caught. Graffiti artists paint in augmented reality allowing artists to move past graffiti’s old reputation of vandalism. 

AR graffiti is an example of the ever-deepening connection between technology graffiti and art. AR graffiti makes art more accessible through the internet. This builds on the founding belief that graffiti and street art are for the people and should be widely accessible.

The 3D nature of augmented reality graffiti allows artists and taggers to create their artworks on literally anything in a virtual world. Artists are no longer strictly limited to traditional surfaces.

Is it the same as crypto art?

Digital graffiti and AR graffiti are not the same as crypto art and NFTs. Digital graffiti is a computerized and virtual version of traditional graffiti art, while crypto art is a storage and sales method. On the other hand, it is possible to sell digital art through cryptocurrencies. 


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