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Create Your Own Cyanotype Print

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Sir John Herschel initial created the cyanotype print in excess of 170 several years ago. His course of action uses UV light-weight-sensitive photographic paper which turns blue when uncovered to the sunlight. The distinctive dark blue history is pretty popular in dwelling décor at the second. With a prosperity of foliage & bouquets in our gardens presently it is straightforward to produce your very own faux cyanotype print simply just with a gel push plate.

Acquire your elements

Image of materials needed

You will require:

Apply a base layer

Image of botanicals placed on gel plate

Use a cyan coloured acrylic paint on to your gel plate with a brayer. You need to have to perform quickly so the paint does not dry out and you are aiming for a thin layer.

Position your botanicals onto the gel plate. You need to have to be brief carrying out this so a top suggestion is to attempt out compositions prior to putting any paint onto the gel plate so that you have a rough plan.

Pull your 1st print

Image of first print

Pull you 1st print by positioning a piece of paper in excess of the botanicals and plate and push down with your arms. Implement pressure all above the plate, shelling out individual awareness to the botanicals. Attempt and get in between the stems and all over the petals. Thoroughly take away the paper. This is your simple print which removes most of the paint. It closely resembles the photographic style cyanotype print. Get rid of the botanicals and most importantly go away the remaining paint on the plate to dry right before proceeding.

Get ready the next layer

Image of second layer of paint

Now implement a incredibly, incredibly thin mild colored acrylic paint on to the plate with a brayer. If you include too much only roll the surplus off on to some scrap paper.

Pull the ghost print

Image of the second 'ghost' print

Position a sheet of paper around the gel plate and rub with your arms all around the floor. Carefully peel off the paper. This is known as a ghost print or the 2nd print, commonly this print is lighter in colour and has a faded visual appearance. You will see that all the detail veining of the leaves, grasses and petals will come out on this 2nd print.

Some far more strategies

Other ideas to try

If you’ve liked earning your 1st cyanotype print why not have a go at these suggestions:

  • Mixing two or 3 dim colours on to the gel plate as your initial layer. You could try contrasting colours and mix them where they meet up with, or colors that sat close to just about every other on the colour wheel
  • Mixing two unique light-weight colours on to the gel plate as your 2nd layer
  • Use your first prints once again at both the initial or next phase. Aim for lots of layers!


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