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CDM: Chinese new Pop-Art enters & changes the American traditional art markets

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CDM is the first company in the United States to host a large-scale Pop Art exhibition, bringing Pop Art events and artists from Asia to this new market of America.

CDM is determined to bring the large-scale exhibitions that are popular in Asia to the United States.

The founder, Jiakai Gao, believes that the new pop art exhibition as like big sculpture installation will be new popular in the US. Now the most exhibition is still doing traditional galleries formats in the United States.

Many recent con pop exhibitions have appeared in market activities, which makes pop artworks lack artistic tonality.

In recent years, the popular immersion exhibition in Europe and the United States, the Van Gogh exhibition is entered people’s perspective, but Jiakai Gao thinks that kind of exhibitions limitations are too small, and the LED lights look similar.

CDM’s first Pop Art show in North America was held in New York in February of this year. Reactions were enthusiastic, thousands were attracted both domestically and internationally, adoring the art form and eager to participate-among them the Asian artist MC JIN. Many local Instagram and TikTok influencers of the United States-who participated in this exhibition-praised the oeuvre of Chinese Asian artists from CDM.

This will change the conventional art exhibits of the United States, including the immersive exhibitions that are now popular in Europe and the Americas such as the Van Gogh Immersive Experience and the Rain Room.

CDM focuses on Pop Art and has cooperated with many top artists both locally and abroad-having a connection with a multitude of excellent artists. Now, our group of similarly enthusiastic artists and partners are co-founding a Pop Art exhibition. We are determined to bring forth new ideas, represent our artists, and fulfill our ambitions of bringing the coolest Chinese Pop Art to the world.

The next exhibition will be held at the top 20 galleries in New York in August, and it will be a new visual feast. Please look forward to it.


WOW! DRAGON, the IP owned and operated by LEPOP. 100% originally created and designed by LEPOP in-house designer team. The design combines the elements of trend art and traditional Chinese culture.

WOW! DRAGON comes from the Cretaceous and entered the modern human world, mastering the special ability to feel human emotions: w?w wow w?w wow

It discovered that humans like to hide their emotions. So, it goes on an adventure to explore the human world and research the complexity of emotion expressions.


LEPOP, born in the global pop culture, represents the cultural power of young generation in China. With the unique artistic sense and outstanding life creativity to give young people a new choice of lifestyle.

LEPOP deconstructs and extracts our daily lives, embellishing and filling them with contemporary aesthetics to meet the needs of Generation Z. LEPOP explores the nature of young generation’s thoughts, feels the rhythms of young generation’s lives in an experimental way. In the encounter, interweaving and integration of art style, time’s mood, and pop culture, “MADE BY LEPOP” will be a synonym of contemporary pop life.

LEPOP will use its own aesthetic philosophy to establish an era of infinite possibilities of art life. LEPOP participated in the CDM fashion art exhibition in the hope of introducing unique art with Chinese elements to more American friends? and expressing the common society concepts through fashion art. WOW! DRAGON in CDM exhibition is divided into two parts: physical designer toys and art prints, presenting the charm of Chinese cities and culture.


Invited by CDM, AMAZING PANDA attended the first American Fashion Art Exhibition honorably. The exhibits of AMAZING PANDA included the first global limited 88 bodies art toys, [BLANC] and “CITY ADVENTURE SERIES” which included Chinese elements and culture, and two limited art prints. Through exhibiting its art toys and art prints, AMAZING PANDA, a global language, hoped to explore the art of culture with international professionals and promote the international development of Chinese fashion art.


The picture shows the artist FFAN and her Sculpture series – Heart-Hunter Rabbit.

FFAN’s Personal Introduction

Chinese Avant-gard fashion artist, a petite Beijing girl who graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts, carrying the pride and ambitions of the Chinese spirits. The sprouting love is the core of constructing the artist’s work, she used her own way to respond this highly sensitive and emotional era.

Focused on fashion and pop industry, specialized in Virtual and reality art, wearable fine art, fashion, painting and different aspect of arts. She collaborated with “LEXUS”” YKK” LEGO”” AUDI”” MCLAREN” “PERFECT DIARY” etc. With showcases displayed in Beijing, Shanghai, New York, Paris, London and Copenhagen. Her style has changed from a “dark” theme to “Sweet and spicy” but with more common touch during the last 8 years since 2014. Despite the world have been to enriched her career, but her own thoughts and spiritual thinking , that’s the way empowered her very arts. She remained vigilant in times of deterioration or strangeness.

During this New York CDM art exhibition, top-class rapper MCJin collected the first edition “Heart Hunter” (Market Price around 13000 USD

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