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New School Tattoos

We have all heard the term “old school” but new school? New school tattoos are not actually that new. Indeed, they first came to light in the very late 1970s and only in the Californian region (where else?).

By the 1980s, new school tattoos came to prominence across the rest of the United States and largely into Europe too. This whacky style of tattoo art peaked around the late 1980s and into the 1990s but since those heady days it has waned somewhat.

It was absolutely an art form of its time and the style tended to be cartoon or caricature in nature. The body art tended to reflect characters like Popeye, Homer Simpson, superheroes or Top Cat. The lines were bold and the colours were vivid and at times, even garish.

Californians even experimented with science fiction characters, celebrities or sporting heroes of a favourite team. It was a comic style and the art was all about exaggeration. The style does still exist today but in a new format.

You can still find many new school tattoo artists camped out in stores and parlours around the San Francisco Bay area. Here, psychedelic cartoon characters and fearful adversaries can work their way onto the arms of many west coast hipsters.

Hip Hop Culture and New School

The style of new school tattoo designs was also popular among the followers of the hip hop culture. The sharp and jagged edges of the letters and the format where each one would look exaggerated or blown up before being coloured in with a range of bright contrasts was a popular theme. It emulated the graffiti style of the time and the subject matter and characters were always a little fantastical.

New School Art Has Evolved

The new format of this type of tattoo art is slightly evolved from the styles we saw in the 1980s. New school takes a different approach to traditional styles. Eagles and hearts are still a part of new school tattoo designs, but they would tend to be more like a cartoon bird of prey or a beating heart.

New school tattoo artwork tends to be all about having very few rules and lots of bright and vivid colours. It is art nouveau and Andy Warhol rolled into one and its popularity is very much alive and well in the ink parlours of the western world today.

This post was written by J Michael Taylor. J Michael Taylor is an artist and owner of Black Amethyst Tattoo Gallery. Black Amethyst is a tattoo shop St Petersburg Fl. They provide an art-first approach to custom tattooing in a gallery setting. …

Buy a Shofar Online to Present A Perfect Gift

Jewish believe that the sound of Shofar brings the new. And they are following the tradition for the generations. The Jewish regard this Shofar as very holy and they use this as gift in the New Year. In Israel, most of the royal families keep this at their home. They regard this as very holy and believe it to bring good times.

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Why choose the online store?

The online store will offer discounts and attractive discounts that local stores cannot offer. Another advantage is that you do not need to go to any store to choose from, because local stores have limited stock. You may not like their products, but if you choose online, you will get all the products easily. You can search for a single product among thousands of products and then place the order. And it is not necessary to wait in the queue of a store to pay the money. You can easily choose the product, pay online and deliver the product to your address.

If you plan to give someone away in the New Year, you can look for the Shofar for sale online. Surely you will get the best results easily.

What is A Shofar?

“Sound the great Shofar for our freedom; raise the banner to gather our exiles”. This is what Jewish says everyday in their prayer. In the New Year they use the Shofar to welcome the new with its sound. And the tradition of Shofar, the Jewish bearing for the thousands of years. The sound of Shofar is the glory of their tradition. In Jewish tradition, everyone uses the Shofar as the holy gift in the New Year.

Choose a reputed online site

Always choose a reputed online website for this purpose. There are different types of products available online. You only need to check the website, its product categories and list details. Image, customer opinions and contact data. After a complete analysis, always choose a site that has a good market reputation and customer satisfaction records.

A reputed online website always offers you a superior quality service. If you buy from a recognized site, if you do not like the product after receiving it, you can return it and they will also refund your money. But most manufacturers offer superior quality and the best Shofar.

Place the order now!

If you plan to buy a Shofar, order now! Through the web, you can place the order at any time. There is no time limit. Once you submit the order details, you will receive and ship the products within the desired time in the desired location.

There are some sites that charge deliveries and some discounts. Investigate completely and then choose the best product easily. This will make you happy and able to obtain superior quality and design Shofar easily.…

Breast Augmentation: Here is what you need to know

Augmentation mammoplasty or breast augmentation is a surgical procedure performed to enhance the shape, size, or fullness of a breast. Your surgeon can place saline, silicone or any other composite breast implants under your breast tissue or chest muscles. Note that these implants can last for about seven to 12 years.

Why breast augmentation?

The following are some of the benefits of augmentation mammoplasty.

  • Enhance the size of breasts that are small naturally
  • Restore the real shape and size of your breasts after pregnancy, breastfeeding and weight loss
  • Restore your breasts after surgery
  • If your breasts are asymmetrical, breast augmentation can restore symmetry.

Keep in mind that plastic surgery includes two types of surgery – cosmetic surgery and reconstructive surgery. Generally, reconstructive surgery can be performed as a part breast cancer treatment. On the other hand, cosmetic breast surgery is performed majorly for aesthetic reasons. Note that both types of surgery are complicated and must be performed by a licensed and experienced NYC breast augmentation surgeon.

Understanding breast implants

A breast implant is simply a prosthesis placed inside your breast to reconstruct, augment, or create the right physical form of the breast. According to breast augmentation experts, there are three common types of implants. These include;

Saline implants: These implants are filled with a sterile saline solution such as salt water. This solution is usually held inside an elastomer silicone shell. To achieve different firmness, feel, size, and shape for breasts, these implants are filled with varying amounts of saline solutions. In case the implant leaks, this solution will be simply absorbed in your body and expelled just like other body waste.

Silicone gel-filled implants: These consist of an outer silicone shell filled with some kind of silicone gel. In case of the implant leaks, the gel will stay inside the silicone shell or escape into the implant pocket. Note that a leaking silicone-filled breast implant may either collapse or stay intact.

Alternative composite implants: Your surgeon may use other alternative composite implants that may be filled with soy oil, polypropylene string, or other relevant material.

What to expect

Note that breast augmentation is a type of surgery and so, patients should think carefully and consult with an expert before opting for the surgical procedure. Before surgery, your doctor should help you understand the procedure and choose the right implant type and size. This can be done by putting different sizes of implants into your bra and feel them.

Generally, surgeons use anesthetic so that the patient stays asleep during the surgery. Some experts use local anesthetic, and that means you will be awake during the entire procedure. As the anesthetic wear off, you will be given painkillers to control the pain. Remember, you will be unable to drive, and so you should get someone to drive you home after the surgery.

During recovery, dissolvable or absorbable sutures will disappear within six weeks. If you have sutures that don’t dissolve or if the surgeon placed drainage tubes near your breasts, …

Why Is It Important To Know About gtst spoilers?

GTST is the oldest running television soap which is broadcasted in dutch language over the whole of Europe. Till July 2018 the show had broadcast more than five thousand and eight hundred episodes combined in twenty-eight seasons. The show has a huge fan base across Europe and is loved by audiences of all age group. The storyline of the show is based on a virtual town of Meerdijk. It is a perfect combination of drama, comedy, romance, mystery, thriller and suspense. Broadcasted on the channel named RTL 4 the serial was first aired in the year 1990. Since then till now the story has seen many ups and downs and deaths of many major characters but still has kept the audience intact with itself. The show has a summer break and therefore goes off the air the month of June and returns in the month of September. The show has an average viewing rate of more than 2 million audiences per episode.

What All You Need To Know About GTST?

  • GTST is the longest running show of Europe: Yes, you hear it right. With more than five thousand eight hundred episodes being broadcasted the show is amongst the longest running shows in the history of television soaps in Europe. The first episode of the show was shown on 1st October 1990 and till date, the show has made twenty-eight seasons. The show is not only the highest and one of the most loved tv soaps in Netherland but the popularity of the show is nothing less in the whole of Europe.
  • GTST has a huge fan base: The show has something for all age groups. It is a family show but has a combination of ingredients like business, marriage, murder, mystery, suspense, divorce drama, kidnapping and comedy. The duration of the show including the commercials is thirty minutes. The social media pages of the show GTST clearly advocates how much it has created with the people around the whole of Europe.
  • GTST always ends with a cliffhanger: The television is known to go off the air in the month of June every year in order to have summer breaks. The thing which needs to be told here is that at the end of the last episode of each season the story shuts with a twist in the tale. This makes people eager to wait for the next season. The show returns to entertain the audience in the month of September and hence all the whats, whys, how, and whos which have been generated in the minds of people after the season ends can be answered.
  • GTST advocates many real day problems: From past few seasons, the makers of the show have brought some real-world issues in the virtual world of Meerdijk. Murders and kidnapping which are common around the world, the show breaks the stereotypes of homosexuality and also brings the truth of marriage in front of the audience.

GTST is a type of daily soap that people want to …

Le lien entre magie et détente en milieu de travail

Parfois, dans la vie, tout le monde a besoin d’une pause du milieu de travail ordinaire; la cohue de la vie en entreprise peut avoir des conséquences néfastes sur les employés. Entre les réunions du conseil, les ordres du jour, les rapports et les budgets, la plupart des gens n’ont pas le temps de se détendre. Un magicien d’entreprise peut ne pas être en mesure de donner des bonus à tout le monde, mais c’est une personne précieuse à avoir sous la main. Ils ne peuvent cependant résoudre aucun de vos problèmes réels; les employés vous seront reconnaissants de votre générosité et de votre volonté de leur accorder une pause.


Vous pouvez aussi visiter mentaliste lyon voir plus

Une est bénéfique car les employés seront en mesure de libérer leur esprit et d’avoir une perspective claire de leur travail le matin. Prendre du recul, se détendre et purifier son esprit peuvent en réalité augmenter la productivité des travailleurs à long terme. Si les employés sont constamment préoccupés par une mission ou un projet, ils gâcheront l’atmosphère de tout le département. De plus, si quelqu’un a des problèmes avec une tâche, il peut lui donner l’inspiration dont il a besoin pour la mener à bien.

Les magiciens d’entreprise sont un excellent moyen de conserver une ambiance et une énergie positives au bureau. Bien que le travail puisse prendre beaucoup de temps et être fatiguant, un magicien fera rire tout le monde en quelques minutes. C’est un spectacle universel pour que tout le monde puisse apprécier la performance. Contrairement aux comédiens, les magiciens ne sont offensants pour personne. C’est une forme universelle de divertissement qui convient même aux enfants (dans la plupart des cas). Tout le monde mérite une chance de rire toute la journée et d’échapper à ses cubicules.

Un magicien d’entreprise peut être exactement ce dont vous avez besoin après avoir reçu de mauvaises nouvelles ou des résultats moins que souhaitables. En éclaircissant votre humeur, vous réduirez considérablement la pression exercée sur les employés. Pendant les heures de grande affluence, pensez à diviser la journée avec une pause pour faire de la magie. Plutôt que de regarder les ordinateurs sans relâche, les employés peuvent prendre une pause. La relaxation est essentielle pour presque tous les projets, y compris la comptabilité et l’ingénierie informatique.…

Talented people travel with art and music

People with musical talent are different from other people. Their rare gift makes them seem to live on a whole other plane of existence, as great musical talent is hard to comprehend for those who lack it. A great singer or musician can take the image of a few notes on a page and suddenly have an audience at its feet, with the people listening from the audience transported to another emotional level, be it sadness, excitement or joy. Yes, all of this is what makes musicians very special in our culture, but the truth is that being a great musician takes constant focus and work.

A Long Road Towards Musical Mastery

Most great musicians begin studying early, as a child’s mind is most receptive to learning the complexity of musical chords and scales. Musical students have to dedicate themselves to years of practice and study in order to truly master an instrument, and years still to learn how to make a beautiful tone and add shades of meaning into the pieces they play. All of this takes a lot of commitment from not only the musician, but also their family. Musicians need to have quality instruments to play, from places like a fine boston music store, and those instruments must be well cared for.

Yes, being a great musician does take time, effort and money, but once a student becomes a master player, the rewards of all that hard work can be enormous. So, if you have a young student in your home who is thinking about taking up an instrument, know that the hard work really is worth it. Though that student may not become an artist who goes on concert tours or leads the philharmonic, being able to play well can still take them far, and add many moments of joy to their life.…

How to Improve a Team’s Performance

The work environment of many people includes working in teams. Therefore, to succeed at work often involves bonding with the team you work with. In order to do this, you must be able to collaborate with your work team. You must bond with the members of your team. You can learn to bond with your team members with activities that are not only lots of fun, but they also allow you to see the members of your team in a different light as well as a different setting.

Team building exercises are both fun and motivational. Bonding with your team allows you to build communication, problem-solving, planning, and conflict resolution skills. Ideas for team bonding often make long-term team building possible. These team building ideas are designed to encourage both deeper discussions and sincere connections.

A Problem-Solving Exercise

Work teams are faced with having to solve a problem almost every day. Role-playing activities can help your team to develop problem-solving skills. There is a great activity for experiencing solving a problem could be a game in which the team members pretend they are stranded in a lifeboat after having been shipwrecked. The team must decide and agree which items are most needed for their survival. You can find a worksheet your team can use for this activity.

This game is designed to help your team members develop problem-solving skills such as analyzing information, negotiating, and finally cooperating with the other team members. While developing these skills, the team members should be encouraged to think about how they made their decisions. Additional games for the development of problem-solving skills can be found online. You will find a description of the additional games, a list of needed materials for each game, instructions, and even a worksheet to use when playing the game.

An Exercise on Communication

Can poor communication cause problems? It certainly can and is often the root of a problem. Conflict, mistakes, missed deadlines, problems in quality, and lost opportunities are often the result of poor communication. If you’re going to work with a team, it would certainly be necessary for your team to develop their communication skills.

There are many online team building activities to not only improve the team members’ communication skills, but to also help them with building trust as they develop relationships with each other. For example, one site describes three exercises designed to improve a team’s communications titled “Birthday Line”, “The Three Minute Story”, and “The Bridge”.

Build Conflict Resolution Skills

Many of us are faced with dealing with conflict in the workplace. The conflict could occur between two co-workers who are working on a project together. When this happens, you must learn how to work with a difficult person in your workplace. This is especially true if the person is a member of your team. An online site provides an excellent teamwork exercise designed to give a person insight into how decisions are made within a team. Their game is called “Four-Word-Build-A-Conflict Resolution …

Use Your Artistic Flare to Liven Up the Traditional Party

As you start planning your next holiday, anniversary, or birthday party, consider using your creativity to liven up what might otherwise be just another boring get together. If you are like most people, you stick to tradition when planning a party. Don’t avoid those tried and true elements of a party. Simply add a bit of artistic flare to the event in order to spice things up.

The Food

When it comes to buffet foods for large groups it is hard to be exotic. You need to choose dishes that can be kept warm without losing their flavor. Rather than trying new foods, change the way you present it. Serve food on brightly colored platters and bowls for a Mexican theme. Mix in pieces from the bride’s china pattern of choice for a shower.

The Decorations

Skip the usual streamers and balloons for items that both look stunning and can be sent home with guests to use in their own homes. Battery powered lanterns are perfect for evening parties while silk flower arrangements are ideal for afternoons. Browse gift shops for home decor items that match the theme of the party or reflect the guest of honors tastes.

The Games

Most people simply endure the typical games played at gatherings. Instead of party games, incorporate yard games into the entertainment. Make them unique to your event by looking for custom made equipment like special ordered cornhole boards. You can also set up activities that get people up and mingling like photo booths for adults and bounce houses for the kids. You can also go in a totally different direction and show an outdoor movie for fun.

By using a little creative license during your party planning, you can put a new spin on the food, decorations, and games. Your guest of honor will love the time you put into their party, and everyone that attends will be talking about it for years to come.…

Watch Unlimited Movies, Documentaries, Reality Shows and more for Free


Putlocker website is one of the best global free websites which provides video on demand service. It has a wide variety of movies, series and reality TV which can be streamed online without any contract requirement or any special set up. The content on the website is categorized country wise, genre wise and country wise. Putlocker offers more than thousands of free tv series and movies. These are in multiple categories. The website has original content and they stream on the internet for free. This feature makes the movies on this website completely free to watch.

The website is like an archive of all kinds of movies you can think of. From comedy, horror, documentaries, kids and even reality, this digital library of movies, tv series and all kinds of watchable entertainment makes your weekend movie night a seamless and a great experience.

Putlocker has a collection of tv series that you may not be able to find anywhere else on the internet or even in your usual go to search engines. These tv series are unedited versions along with uncut versions too.  If you are in mood for some educational or cultural media then put lockers also offers a wide variety of documentaries, kids sci fi and educational viewing experience for free.

New and old

Unlike other websites Putlocker not only offers new movies and series but also an array of classic or old movies which can be streamed online for free.

The website is very user friendly, the movies are easy to find and makes the searching and choosing to experience an easy one. Even younger kids can easily find the movies or series that they are looking for without getting lost of confused. It is very neatly categorized for complete easy user experience.

Putlocker is one of the best websites to find all the latest and classic movies and series in high definition quality. It supports online streaming seamlessly without having the hassle of prior registration or any contract. One can easily find the content that he or she is looking for in a very short time. the website allows its users to select the content from the categories present on the page like movies, series, country or genre. All the movies and series that are found here are full length and great viewing quality.  It is a premier website for good viewing experience in many languages and genres.

You can also find iIMDb movies with ratings with genre that you can choose from…

Art Can Be A Great Form Of Entertainment

Entertainment comes in different types of forms and fashions. From watching movies, reading books, listening to music and many more. Whether you are an adrenalin junky who enjoys a fast roller-coaster or someone who uses entertainment to relax like viewing pieces of art work. A great place to live if you are a fan of art is New York City. Virtually everywhere you go influences of art can be seen from in the architecture, business marketing tools historical sites and more. Being the big apple is the melting pot of the world there is such a large influence from cultures from all around the world dating back generation. The best part about viewing art as a form of entertainment is that many cases it is free. 

Sculptures are one form of art and are a great way to identify human accomplishments and locations across the globe. Sculptures turned into land marks are often attracting tourist from all around. A great example in the NYC area would be the statue of liberty. There are a few ways you can view it for free the best being taking the Staten Island ferry to get an up close view of lady liberty. Driving across the Brooklyn queens express way is another way to catch a glimpse of one of the greatest symbols of freedom in the world. Another example is the Wall Street Bull this is a sculpture located in bowling green Manhattan and represents Manhattans financial district. 

Just because you do not live in NYC does not mean you cannot enjoy art as a form of entertainment. Everyone has the ability to view art from their home the only thing you need is a computer, smart phone or tablet and internet access. Many established art museums have an e-museum this allows fans of art to view the exact pieces of art work they have in their facilities online. The advantages of this is the time saved in travel no entry fees and entertainment from inside your own home. Science can also be considered art good examples can be found at any High School Science Programs denver co.

For those who would like to take art as entertainment one step farther you can. It doesn’t take much to become an artist. With a large variety of different types of art there are no shortages of options. A few examples are scalping, painting, computer graphics design and photography. Since the invention of google and YouTube there are plenty of instructions and tips on how to improve your new hobby. With local art contest available for new comers it is a great way to mingle with people that have the same interest as you. Through art contest and shows artist have the ability to share ideas and improve upon their craft. Whether you prefer to go out and view art in its current location on the computer or create art yourself it can be a fun affordable form of entertainment for you. It …