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Order and Uncertainty: Five Abstract Painters | Opening Reception
Saturday, March 19 • 2-5pm | Ongoing through April 23
@ MONO Practice

Order and Uncertainty: Five Abstract Painters

Curated by Timothy App

Power Boothe
Julie Karabenick
Patsy Krebs
Linling Lu
W.C. Richardson


March 19 – April 23, 2022

Opening Reception: Saturday, March 19, 2-5 pm

MONO PRACTICE is pleased to present “Order and Uncertainty: Five Abstract Painters,” a group exhibition curated by Timothy App, featuring the work of Power Boothe, Julie Karabenick, Patsy Krebs, Linling Lu, and W.C. Richardson.

Works of art, if they are at all poignant and affirming, and if they challenge our thinking, have a guiding, vital and sustainable premise. Art that holds our gaze, engages our hearts and minds, and nourishes our experience of the world has a specific, carefully conceived, and commanding point of departure. That is certainly the case for the work of the five abstract painters presented here.

The title of this exhibition, Order and Uncertainty, alludes to this proposition. In variously idiosyncratic ways, the works of these mature artists bring us to a nexus where the intention of the makers mingles with the means by which the works are created. For some abstract painters, the premise of their work is primordial chaos. Blind chance and utter unpredictability are the necessary ingredients for these romantics to begin their search for truthful resolution. These creators progress from the proverbial unknown towards some semblance of order, to a subjective locale of perceived resolution. Others, like the artists in this exhibition, possess, to varying degrees, a classical turn of mind. Rather than beginning with the chaos of the unknown, as do their romantic counterparts, they launch their work employing a clear set of a priori variables, a lineup of concrete precepts from which they venture outward, wending their way through uncertainty towards unforeseen discoveries. Through the medium of paint, they mine myriad pictorial possibilities, allowing the power, beauty and complexity of these variables to be unleashed in diverse, inventive and exhilarating ways.

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212 McAllister St., Baltimore, MD 21202

Hours: Thursday & Saturday 1-5 pm, or by appointment

Website: https://www.monopractice.com

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