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Best Tips for Winning Tic Tac Toe

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There are no infallible techniques to win tic tac toe. Although, there are some little tricks that will increase your chances of coming out victorious every time, or almost. Keep in mind that this puzzle game is above all a game of mathematics and probability! You have to create attack lines, push your opponent on their defense in order to always have 2 lines for your potential victory. Winning can be easier when it is your turn to start a game. But things get a little tricky when you are the second to play tic tac toe. 

Always Bet on the Center Box

If you are the first to play tic tac toe, you have every chance of winning unless you make a big mistake. Always put your first O or X at the center box. It is the most strategic box of the grid because it allows you to consider 4 lines for your potential alignment: the two diagonals, the vertical center, the horizontal center. This old strategy has always worked.

Vary with the Corners

You may get a head start every time with the easy move of always starting right in the middle. But if you get tired of those easy wins, you may want to find other alternative strategies. Have a little fun and give you opponent cause to hope by surprising them. Here, you are still the first to play so, choose a corner. If the other player does not take the center box, then you still have every chance of winning. After the other player has played, choose another vertical or horizontal corner for your first shot. Your opponent goes on the defensive and you just have to finish them off.

Keep an Eye on the Opponent!

If you do not know it yet, also take a look at the Randall Munroe’s map of optimal tic tac toe moves. It presents you the best moves to have every chance of winning at tic tac toe. You should always create alignment opportunities. For this purpose, always opt for a box that allows you to corner your opponent with 2 potential alignments! The best defense is offense! It might sound silly but sometimes you focus so much on your future lineup that you forget that your opponent is playing too. Do not keep your eyes on your lines, remember to watch your opponent!

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