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An essential material for any studio, interleaving paper effectively prevents damage to your artworks. Use these acid-free sheets to separate prints, photographs, documents, textiles, and book pages to prevent unwanted chemical reactions and protect scratches or pigment chips. Interleaving paper is also great for securing work in transit, serving as a barrier between art and packaging material, and for covering delicate papers or fabrics. While they might all look the same, interleaving papers do have differences, and it’s critical that you purchase the right product to suit the materials that need preservation. Browse our top picks below.

1. TheLinenLady Acid Free Archival Tissue

Ann Christine, better known as the Linen Lady, takes preservation seriously. For years she has been selling this high-grade archival tissue carefully formulated for long-term storage and protection. Carrying a satisfying sheen, these white sheets are thin enough to easily fold and crumple, but they aren’t prone to tearing. They are also nonbuffered, which means they are pH-neutral and won’t tarnish silver, while also safe to use with animal-derived materials like silk and wool. You’ll pay a premium for these sheets, but they’re worth it.

TheLinenLady Acid Free Archival Tissue

2. Flexicore Packaging Tissue Paper

If you want to aid a bit of flair to your storage solutions, consider this acid-free option, which comes in more than a dozen vibrant colors. It’s an eye-catching way to store trinkets or to wrap work that you’re sending off to customers, but for long-term protection, you’ll probably want to invest in an upgrade. These sheets are quite thin, so you have to be extra careful when handling them to avoid accidental rips.

Flexicore Packaging Tissue Paper

3. Colors of Rainbow Kraft Tissue

These sheets are made entirely out of recycled papers sourced from Forest Stewardship Council–certified producers. Although sheer, they are sturdy but not stiff; you can easily manipulate the tissue without tearing it. This makes them ideal for packaging items you’ve crafted or using in decorative arrangements, but note that for long-term storage, only the “kraft” color (among dozens of other available hues) is acid-free. The sheets come in a neatly folded bundle so they remain crisp until ready for use.

Colors of Rainbow Kraft Tissue

4. Lineco Acid-Free Tissue

Lineco’s archival-quality products are tried and trusted, and its tissue is a consistent top pick of artists. Durable and translucent, these white sheets are buffered, which means they are treated with an alkaline solution that helps prevent acid migration to the tissue itself. They are well suited for paper ephemera, from photographs to documents to archival clippings, but should not be used with protein- or vegetable-based materials, nor with certain prints such as cyanotypes. These are high-quality sheets that can withstand manipulation without ripping. Because they are thin, they also don’t take up a lot of space in storage boxes.

Lineco Acid-Free Tissue

5. Premium Quality Gift Wrap Acid-Free Tissue Paper

This acid-free tissue is best used for short-term protection of art and keepsakes; while it’s a quality product, it’s far from museum-quality. These sheets are an excellent option for wrapping artworks and other items for transportation, or for keeping small pieces safe for a year or so. The sheets are relatively small, but you get a lot for your money, so this is a good option for artists or business owners who frequently ship delicate material.

Premium Quality Gift Wrap Acid-Free Tissue Paper


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