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Adorn your Feelings

Art on the Corner decorated the streets with displays of various mediums and styles

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) – Downtown Grand Junction’s main street– the runway for sculptures– added 16 new installations this weekend at the 37th Annual Downtown Art Festival.

Art on the Corner rotates temporary sculptures each fall. Last year, the addition of new pieces did not occur due to the pandemic. So, several of the recent sculptures haven’t been updated since 2019.

”I really love all the new installations– they’re amazing,” said Lisa Jenkins, Grand Junction local. ” I’m very impressed by Grand Junction’s artists and their large display of public art here in town.”

Each year a curator is in charge of the art that is selected to be displayed. This year over 100 applications were submitted. Several applicants were Grand Junction locals from all over Colorado and even from states across the country.

Many people from the community believe that the art that decorates the streets play a significant role.

“I feel that art in public spaces are really important to everyone,” said Lisa Jenkins. “Whether you realize it at the moment or not.”

At the art festival, people were also able to vote for their favorite piece, and the winner was awarded a People’s Choice Award. Ultimately, the art is there to showcase several artists’ artwork and provide some color to the downtown.

“It could be important later in life, but I believe it really beautifies the downtown area,” said Lisa Jenkins.

The collection consists of both permanent sculptures and an annual temporary exhibit that the public can purchase.

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