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Animal Crossing Player’s Polly Pocket Style Character Art Is Perfect Crossover

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An Animal Crossing: New Horizons player shared artwork this week depicting ACNH villagers within classic Polly Pocket clamshell dollhouses.

An Animal Crossing: New Horizons player shared an art piece with a brilliant crossover this week, showing Animal Crossing characters within the classic Polly Pocket clamshell dollhouses. One of the core elements of the game is user creativity, and the lush environment and unique characters in Animal Crossing inspire a lot of art from players, both inside and outside the game.

Polly Pocket dolls have been around since 1989, and are famous for their tiny rubber accessories and clamshell-style dollhouses. While the brand has pivoted away from this dollhouse design in recent years, the clamshell style is still very nostalgic for those who know it from childhood. Animal Crossing is a game series centered around player choices and creativity, offering them the opportunity to design an entire island any way they like. Users can also choose the ten anthropomorphic animal characters to populate their town, with the game offering 413 unique villagers for players to pick from. Animal Crossing villagers have 8 different personality types and span 35 different species, with each one having a home interior with differently themed aesthetics.


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Reddit user PeachyLeee shared a collection of their artwork this week, showing several Animal Crossing villagers in different environments, all of which are enclosed within a clamshell case. Known as lillianimation on other platforms, this artist has designed a total of 45 Polly-Pocket-style villagers so far. Each of these pieces is clearly designed with the villager’s aesthetic and personality in mind, as well as the interior design of their home. For example, the somewhat unsettling villager Lucky’s clamshell is themed like a graveyard – as is his home – while flamingo villager Flora’s is a relaxing seaside scene much like her house’s interior in Animal Crossing (which features a pond). Each artwork is incredibly detailed, with some even containing Easter eggs for fans of the game: the stained glass in Lucky’s clamshell appears to feature long-time Animal Crossing character Rover, and rabbit sisters Chrissy and Francine can be seen on a poster in Sylvana’s room.

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The usage of the classic Polly Pocket clamshell design makes these pieces of artwork incredibly unique and nostalgic. The era this style of dollhouse was most popular – the early 2000s – coincided with the release of the first Animal Crossing game, making this artwork especially sentimental for those who were fans of both. The artist clearly knows a lot about Animal Crossing – the high level of detail in each piece can only come from someone who knows the series and characters well. While there have been some Animal Crossing toys available for fans to purchase, they can’t compare to the level of detail shown here.

Part of why Animal Crossing is so beloved by fans is its unique art style, both in its environments and meticulously designed characters. The game is about creating a community, and the fact that Animal Crossing: New Horizons includes over 400 villagers to choose from gives players a huge amount of options when it comes to who makes up that community. This impressive artwork showcases how the multitude of villager choices provided by the game are all special in their own way.

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Source: PeachyLeee/Reddit, lillianimation/Instagram

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