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A look at Old Holland classic colours

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The Old Holland Classic Oil Colour range is of the very highest quality and the colours are unique in their unparalleled colour strength with absolute maximum pigmentation.

  • This range also features a staggering 153 colours in 40ml, making it the widest colour range available on the market.
  • Once you’ve used these colours it will be clear to see why this range has a massively loyal following amongst professional artists worldwide.
  • Using premium pigments, the colours maintain maximum levels of lightfastness and permanence offering excellent colour brilliance, handling and working capabilities.
  • Click on a colour to add the item to your basket.

Enjoy this serious of videos Dutch artist Lennaert Koorman takes a look at the unique qualites of one of the worlds finest oil paints.

Alizarin Crimson v Cadmium Red Scarlet Red

In this video Lennaert explains the difference between Alizarin Crimson vs Cadmium Red Scarlet

Ivory Black vs Payne’s Grey

Ochre vs Cadmium Lemon Yellow

Cadmium Yellow Medium vs Cadmium Yellow Lemon

About Lennaert Koorman

Lennaert Koorman born in Amersfoort in 1975, is a visual artist in Krimpen aan de Lek, close to Rotterdam. His practice consists of the autonomous and commissioned development and execution of visual art expressions. Often in public spaces, but also in galleries, schools, companies, and events. His work is owned by collectors In the Netherlands and abroad.

Feeling Inspired?

You can explore the full Old Holland oil paint range here.


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