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6 Best Places to Buy Affordable Art Online

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15 Of The Best Places To Buy Affordable Art Online

Finding wall art you adore for a gallery wall at a price you can afford is typically one of the most difficult decorating tasks; even your home is equipped. Part of the issue is just not knowing where to go, although there are many locations to buy inexpensive art online. 

But with this list of reputable internet sources for reasonably priced art, you’re likely to find an abstract painting or scenery that belongs in your living room. Some sites, such as Luminablog, are great for learning about new art and finding trustworthy online art establishments to visit. This site will simplify your searches will shopping online for whatsoever artwork. Thus, below are the six best places to buy cheap art online. 

  • Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters sells inexpensive posters and prints when you have a lot of space to fill but a limited budget. These under-$50 items seem immediately more finished with the addition of a sleek frame. 

Urban Outfitters provides a fascinating array of decorative walls, ranging from abstract geometric prints to woven wall hangings to fashionable removable wallpaper. The cost is as little as $19.

  • Saatchi Art

Saatchi Art, an online art gallery, allows users to search by price point, including original items under $500. You can check out the “New This Week” area of work picked by Saatchi Art’s in-house curator if you like to peruse a curated selection. 

You’ll discover everything from costly paintings to inexpensive doodles to original garden sculptures in this massive digital art museum. The prices range from under $50 for prints to over $50,000 for sculptures. Sort by price point, such as works under $500. to locate inexpensive art.

  • Minted

One of the favorite places to buy art online from a range of diverse artists is Minted. The site allows you to filter your search by style, medium, or color, making it simple to discover a piece in a certain size that ideally matches your home’s design. 

There are a lot of abstract watercolor paintings and contemporary photographs. An 18-by-24-inch piece of art costs roughly $100, with a frame costing another $98. The pricing is incredibly fair for a nicely framed work of art that costs less than $200.

  • Anthropologies

Decorative baskets, woven wall hangings, tapestries, and mirrors are among the bohemian-inspired wall art options available at Anthropologies. This is the place to go if you’re searching for bohemian wall art that will add serious texture to your area. The cost of a tiny woven wall hanging ranges from $58 to $3,000 for a huge 64-by-44-inch art print.

  • Etsy

Etsy is a great place to find unique art, especially antique paintings. Depending on what you’re looking for, choose “handmade” or “vintage” under “Item Type.” You’ll discover downloadable wall art quotations here, as well as the option to order a sketch of your home. The cost varies widely depending on the provider; however, you may limit down your search by price range.

  • Society6

Society6 sells anything from pillows to clocks with prints and patterns created by independent artists and designers and wall art. You’ll probably find what you’re searching for here, whether it’s simplistic line drawings or a hand-drawn representation of your city. There are many choices for under $100.


Several other online art sites offer reasonably priced high-quality items. Among them are World Market, 20*200, Tappan collection, and Juniper Print Shop. Looking through these online art galleries can leave you unsure about what to buy. As a result, let your style lead you to sources that complement your taste.

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