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5 Hot Trends in Landscape Art 

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What artist doesn’t love to see their work hanging in a juried exhibition or gallery show? Even better is seeing that work with a red “sold” sticker next to it.

While we’d love for art-making to be 100% about creative expression, there is a business side behind it too. When you’re ready to earn some income from your work—at least enough to keep up your supply of painting materials—you’ll need to think about how to create art that buyers want and how to find an audience for your work. Artsper can help you with both!

Artsper is a leading online contemporary art marketplace working to make fine art accessible to all. The site currently works with more than 25,000 artists to showcase more than 200,000 works of art to the art-buying public, and maintains relationships with 1,800+ partner galleries. As an artist, you may be interested in partnering with the site as a venue for your own art sales. If so, you can initiate a conversation by emailing an Artsper representative at [email protected].

You can also visit Artsper to gain insight on the latest art trends and see what’s selling. A quick exploration will provide you with access to a wide range of work by contemporary artists, with the opportunity to search by bestselling artists and themes.  Landscape, for example, continues to be an extremely popular subject with art buyers. Take a look at some of the bestselling landscape artists on Artsper to discover some of the strongest trends in the genre.


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