Day: July 2, 2022

Benjamin Echeverria at Michael Benevento, Los Angeles


For this exhibition Benjamin Echeverria carries on an ongoing investigation working with circle and stripe paintings as mechanisms that are altered and manipulated, registering studio exercise more than a long interval of time. The canvases are crafted up, disassembled and reconstructed in the system of their advancement. This accumulation of history laces the paintings with varieties of peripheral facts.  

“Every day in the studio I’m searching for that ever elusive program, a route ahead. In these early phases I’m still working with painting as an object—I’m producing paintings as much as portray them and I&#8217m concentrated on the connection concerning the work and the house it occupies.”

Benjamin Echeverria was born in 1980 and life and performs in Los Angeles. Modern solo exhibitions include Galerie Parisa Form, Frankfurt am Key, 2021 Pose Falls, Poor Name, Los Angeles, 2020 Cups, Parapet Authentic People St Louis, MO, 2020 Six Read More

Friday Five: Art, walking, biking and building | Local News


Much of today’s Friday Five will read like those “How I Spent My Summer Vacation” papers we used to write in school. Anybody remember those?

Our family spent Friday through Monday in Cleveland and was pleasantly surprised at what a nice place it was. We were fortunate to miss the airline cancellations that seem to be plaguing travelers these days.

The purpose of our visit was to meet my son Dayne’s future in-laws. He and Sveta are getting married in October. Her parents and sister are delightful, as is Sveta.

Not the Cleveland I was expecting. The city doesn’t have a great reputation, likely based on heavy industry and pollution that once was there. It appears neither is the case. What’s left from the booming business days are beautiful buildings, world class museums and libraries, greenways, breweries, parks and of course the Cuyahoga River and Lake Erie.

We probably

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How to Teach Self-Reflection, Critiques, Artist Statements, and Curatorial Rationales Like a Pro


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Teaching art in the 21st-century is different from previous centuries. (Yes, some of us have taught in two different centuries!) Like many art teachers, you may be trying to transition to more student-centered pedagogies such as choice-based  art education, project-based learning (PBL), Inquiry-Based Learning, STEAM, or another constructivist teaching approach.

mirror in gold frame

The goals of student-centered learning and teaching are to:

  • Help develop critical thinking and self-reflection skills.
  • Provide space to self-advocate in the learning process.
  • Give enough room to fail and learn from missteps.
  • Show specific techniques for accessing the information relevant to their interests.

Four artistic processes can help facilitate successful student-centered learning:

  1. Self-reflection
  2. Critiques
  3. Artist statements
  4. Curatorial rationales

Are you finding it difficult to figure out how to teach these processes and fit them into your curriculum and limited class time? Let’s look

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Staying connected through entertainment during a bout with COVID-19 [Unscripted] | Entertainment


I experienced it down to a rhythm, my minimal song-and-dance plan: panic wave, nasal swab, 10-moment timer, a single line seems. In the distinct.

On a current Tuesday afternoon, I experimented with the dance once more. The to start with handful of techniques have been the exact same, as generally. But endurance is not a virtue I possess, and I sneaked a peek before that 10-minute timer rang.

It didn’t need to have 10 minutes to produce its message evidently, even though: two traces. I was good for COVID-19.

There was not anything particular about my experience. In accordance to the CDC, 137,463 other men and women had new scenarios the very same working day as me. I’m lucky my scenario was mild, no doubt thanks to staying entirely vaccinated. And for better or even worse, the continual disease I stay with — fibromyalgia — primed me for considerably

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