Day: December 3, 2021

Robert Weiss Reinvents Art History With Techne Exhibition

A woman laughs with wide eyes as she enters a yet-unnamed gallery in Dallas’ Tin District featuring Techne, a collection of works by artist Robert Weiss. She puts a hand over her mouth as she approaches the first painting she sees, which depicts a crisp, Antebellum-style room; in the center, an elderly woman with a weathered stone face — a statue — holds a shotgun, glowering.

“It reminds me of my great grandma,” the woman, whose name is Tolly Salz and who works as a teacher with Weiss, says of the work. “She shot and killed someone with a shotgun, protecting her two children. It’s like an old, Texas story.”

Salz laughs, still mesmerized by Weiss’ painting.

Since his debut exhibition, Ongoing, opened last year, Weiss’ approach toward art shifted visibly in style and vigor. The artist, who still went by his nickname “Bobby” at the time of

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