Day: November 9, 2021

Arts Awards Celebrate Educators | New Haven Independent

Leigh Busby PhotoThe ceremony for the Arts Council of Greater New Haven’s 41st annual arts awards returned to being an in-person event on Friday, as people gathered at the John Lyman Center for the Performing Arts at Southern Connecticut State University to honor several of New Haven’s artist educators: Miguel Gaspar Benitez, James and Tia Russell Brockington, Allen “Dooley-O” Jackson, Linda Lindroth, Patrick Smith, and Bill Brown and Sally Hill.

Brian Slattery PhotosThe evening began with a performance by Movimiento Cultural Afro-Continental, performing the bomba, a traditional Puerto Rican dance and drumming style with its roots in resistance to slavery. Founder Kevin R. Diaz explained that the drumming style is based on two essential elements: one drummer holds down a steady pattern while another drummer improvises off that pattern. It combines with the dancing in the sense that the improvising drummer and the dancer are in communication with one another; they have a

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How to decorate a bedroom: interesting ideas and how to put them into action

85 Best Bedroom Ideas 2021 - Beautiful Bedroom Decorating Tips


There are so many stylish bedroom design projects that we can easily pick the best one. Of course, even with the most successful option, adjustments to our tastes and realities are unavoidable, so let us consider how to decorate a bedroom with our own hands in order to fully reflect our inner world in a room that is solely ours.

We will first present our favorite color palette, then organize good sound insulation and select compact furniture. However, only decorative elements will give the room an appealing personality, and it will invariably be decorated. The bedroom would be boring and expressionless without them.

The soothing and intimate mood of the atmosphere will be emphasized by an interesting and fashionable decor.

Make the walls and ceiling look nice.

Because the walls completely frame the entire interior of the room, we will choose the most appropriate way to decorate the … Read More