Day: November 3, 2021

Radiant Crisis 001 skins add comic book style to VALORANT

VALORANT’s new Radiant Crisis 001 bundle might not come with superpowers to improve your gameplay, but it will at least let you embody the style of your favorite comic books.

The new Radiant Crisis 001 bundle is another step into unmarked territory for the game and includes skins for the Phantom, Spectre, Classic, Bucky, and a new Baseball Bat melee. VALORANT weapon bundles with unique themes and art styles allow players to enjoy a drastically different visual experience without affecting the core gameplay. Previous bundles like the BlastX bundle have shown how far the VALORANT developers are willing to push the boundaries.

“With a lot of our skins, the challenge is to try and take a thematic or an idea and appropriately interpret it into the VALORANT art style,” said Sean Marino, VALORANT associate art director. “With Radiant Crisis (comicbook), the goal was flipped. We wanted to see if we

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