Day: October 30, 2021

Art Houses Want Audiences Back. Can a MoviePass-Style Program Help?

There has been much hand-wringing in recent years about the impending death of art-house cinema.

There was the moment several years ago, when small, independently owned theaters had to convert from 35-millemeter film to digital presentation; or the time in the wintry months of 2018 when the venerable Lincoln Plaza Cinema closed on the Upper West Side of Manhattan; and most recently there was the pandemic, which forced movie theaters big and small to shut down for months.

In each case, a scattering of disheartening news — venue closures, bankruptcy filings and the like — have been met with what Eugene Hernandez, who runs the programs put on by Film at Lincoln Center, called “glimmers of hope.” New spaces often emerge, new audiences attend screenings and this time, after having more than a year to assess and reflect, he said, “People are thinking differently about how to

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