Day: October 22, 2021

This folk art whimsy by John Scholl auctioned for over $4,000

Artists don’t spend all their time making large oil paintings, huge statues or even sketches and doodles that help them create a new and different style. Many worked for years before they found the special, individual look that pictured the world in a unique way.

But a different group of artists made folk art carvings, squashed pottery vases and sewer tile statues with the free materials found nearby.

The most ambitious made strange towers of bottles and scrap wood or carved fancy trim for a ceiling from local trees. Collectors and museums started to recognize folk art as another way to look at the world about the middle of the 1900s, but only in areas where formal art museums were rare.

Today museum collectors of unique folk art like carousel horses, carved duck decoys and George Ohr pottery vases pay thousands of dollars for great examples. Even the anonymous carvings

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