Day: July 3, 2021

Diablo 4’s Latest Quarterly Update Shows Off Art Style, Armour Design

Blizzard has revealed more information on Diablo 4 as part of its new quarterly update for the game. The update features a number of screenshots from the pre-alpha build of Diablo 4.

This time around, the quarterly update focuses largely on Diablo 4’s art, with game director Luis Barriga, art director John Mueller, associate art director for characters Nick Chilano, and lead character artist Arnaud Kotelnikoff showing off new assets and talking about Diablo 4’s general art style.

Going by the update, it looks like armour sets between different genders of the same class will retain the same look, albeit with subtle differences between the two gendered armours. Examples used to show this off include the Barbarian and the Rogue.

The post also talks about the new dye system that allows players to customise the looks of their characters by changing the colour palettes for individual pieces of armour.

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