Day: February 27, 2021

Pro Surfer Kelly Slater Surfing In The Pipeline Masters Contest Photograph By Paul Topp

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Inside an Art Adviser’s Eclectic Minneapolis Pad

Kathy Ganley’s home in suburban Minneapolis is at once an inviting, expansive space for her family as well as an informal art gallery. “Art is like the jewelry to an outfit. It’s one of a kind, and I think it’s just a way to make a house feel like a home,” says the Midwestern representative for Mason Lane Art Advisors. Her palatial 6,500-square-foot home is a showcase for original paintings, woodcuts, and photographs—there’s even a still life in the laundry room. “You’re in there, why shouldn’t you look at something that’s awesome?” Ganley says cheerfully.

Her eclectic approach to displaying art balances styles, materials, and design elements—while occasionally even subverting expectations. A massive oil painting by Richard Kooyman hangs in a utility space where an iMac helps keep track of family schedules. “We added the desk in the kitchen,” Ganley says. “You need the computer nearby, checking people’s schedules. Messages

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