Day: February 13, 2021

Come Collect Your 1-Up From Julia Wachtel and Wendy White’s New Show

For artists Julia Wachtel and Wendy White, inspiration doesn’t need to come from much further than a Google Image Search. In a new show at Washington D.C.’s Von Ammon Co., titled Airlok or Gazing Into The Void, both artists culled generic depictions of familiar emotional states for those who are living, ahem, in these trying times. For Wachtel, that image was of a man with his head in a hole, representing at once feelings of shame, of isolation, of frustration, which she painted as a single-motif in several different styles. For White, that image was a more hopeful one: pixel art of an extra life from a video game in the shape of a heart, which she sculpted in steel and placed on a hanging mobile along with other ubiquitous, flat images that have existed for as long as the internet has. 

Though these interpretations of

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