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Art Exhibition for Vian Borchert at NYC Phoenix Art Gallery

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For the month of February 2021, noted artist Vian Borchert has been invited to an Invitational Exhibition at the prestigious “NYC Phoenix Art” gallery. The month long online exhibition can be viewed at this link:…

The prestigious “NYC Phoenix Art” gallery was founded in Manhattan in 1958 during the “Tenth Street” days. Early gallery exhibitors are renowned artists such as Elaine de Kooning and Alice Neel.

The artwork presented in artist Vian Borchert’s exhibition were done during quarantine and COVID-19 times. The paintings are reflective and nostalgic of a simpler time not so long ago pre-Covid. Moreover, the paintings illustrate a sense of identity of the artist along with her dreams and hopes. In describing her latest paintings Borchert states, “I am an expressionist artist, I consider all my work to

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What’s not to Love? Celebrate the year of the Golden Ox in style at MGM

It is fair to say that the Lunar New Year is the biggest celebration in Chinese culture. It is a time not only to welcome a new year, but to celebrate family and tradition. This time however, 2021 is extra special.

Not only are we commemorating the official start of the year of the Golden Ox on February 12 but opening our hearts on February 14, Valentine’s day.

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As the city prepares to fully embrace the national holiday, look no further: MGM has everything your heart desires, from incredible prizes, delicious food, romantic gestures and even Craftsmanship workshops. All you need is to be there.

Your own, personal God of Fortune

From February 12 to 21 guests and visitors can feast their eyes— and be blessed with good fortune— with the aerial show God of Fortune Comes to You at the Spectacle, MGM COTAI.

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Why Do So Many Outfit Selfies Feature This Mirror?

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What Is Emotional Labour, Really? You Might Be Surprised

Here is a not-at-all-comprehensive list of times I’ve incorrectly used the term “emotional labour”: — To express my exasperation when my husband asked me where in our apartment we keep the batteries.— When commiserating with a friend whose mother-in-law expected only her to write all of the thank you notes for her recent wedding.— In an edit note to a writer, referencing the pressure they felt to behave a certain way around unavailable men. Each time, I was using the phrase to refer to work that felt unfairly imposed upon us, as women — the “I shouldn’t have to” or “Why can’t you?” kind of work. And while that’s certainly a thing — an annoying part of being a woman in a patriarchal world — it’s not what emotional labor is. “Academically speaking, emotional labor is defined as

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