Day: January 22, 2021

Wood Gaylor, Quietly Dazzling, Helped an Art World Invent Itself

HUNTINGTON, N.Y. — In the early decades of the 20th-century, things happened in the New York art world when painters like Walt Kuhn, Florine Stettheimer and Wood Gaylor took matters into their own hands. They established clubs and professional organizations and mounted exhibitions — including the 1913 Armory Show, which jump-started American modernism with heady exposure to the European kind.

They met weekly to draw from the model and founded schools, most notably the National Academy of Design. They collaborated on public art, costume balls and performances. They held banquets to honor visiting artists and auctions to raise money for their organizations, frequently buying one another’s work. They found — and collected — new sources of inspiration, including 19th-century American folk art, its simple forms and strong colors inspiring them with homegrown precedents for some of modernism’s signal experiments.

Gaylor, a little-known American painter (1883-1957) who is only now finding

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Important Aspects of an Fire Sprinkler System

Fire sprinkler system plays a vital role in any building. It helps to extinguish the fire at its early stages, thereby saving lives and properties. A fire sprinkler system consists of a main water supply system, supplying sufficient water pressure and flow rate on a water line to a specific water supply piping system attached to the building. Fire sprinklers are installed. As such, any damage or malfunction in either the water supply system or the water pipes may result in water leaks or bursts, which may cause damage to nearby property as well as to occupants.

Modern Fire Sprinkler System

Fire sprinkler systems generally consist of three major parts: the pump, the float, and the control rod. The pump is the most essential component of the fire sprinkler system. It is often powered by electricity or by hydraulic or pneumatic power. The pump must move the water through the … Read More