Day: December 23, 2019

2020 Trends for Event Management Companies in Dubai – How Will the Industry Evolve?

It is time to discuss the developments of event trends in the year 2020. You may think, what will be disturbing the industry this year? How is the industry going to develop? Here are some predictions! We stepped it up this year and polled hundreds of Eventprofs on the biggest trends for the year 2020. We can list hundreds of trends, but is it even a trend at this point? We don’t think so. Alternatively, we will provide you with a compiled a list of the top event trends for event management companies in Dubai for the year 2020. Fasten your seat belt as it is going to be an exciting ride!

2020 Event Trends: Customization for Attendees

Not everybody will be in the same spot on their journey at your event. Customization helps each attendee to get his needs. This is likely to be one of the 2020’s main Read More