2020 Trends for Event Management Companies in Dubai – How Will the Industry Evolve?

It is time to discuss the developments of event trends in the year 2020. You may think, what will be disturbing the industry this year? How is the industry going to develop? Here are some predictions! We stepped it up this year and polled hundreds of Eventprofs on the biggest trends for the year 2020. We can list hundreds of trends, but is it even a trend at this point? We don’t think so. Alternatively, we will provide you with a compiled a list of the top event trends for event management companies in Dubai for the year 2020. Fasten your seat belt as it is going to be an exciting ride!

2020 Event Trends: Customization for Attendees

Not everybody will be in the same spot on their journey at your event. Customization helps each attendee to get his needs. This is likely to be one of the 2020’s main trends. Customization leads to a more successful event for the attendees. Your attendees may know that when their needs are met, they have much more interest in participating. You can customize your event in many ways, but here are some of our favorite ones.

2020 Event Trend: A Continued Focus on Sustainability

Sustainability cannot be reconsidered. As planners, we are accountable for our events. This year’s events, we will begin to think more holistically about what we can do to boost our effect on prohibiting single-use plastics to train attendees and to provide more plant-based catering. We will also see a rise in the use of recycled materials for event designs.

2020 Event Trend: Increased Need for Event Security   

Unfortunately, this trend is still growing. It’s a problem that plagues our business. It seems that we are meeting new security concerns and requests for operations every year. Solutions are often not presented by security and safety issues. 

2020 Event Trends: Unique Venue Experiences 

Additionally, exclusive location opportunities open up a world of options for event planners, consider galleries, urban lofts, gardens, exhibitions, and more. Just be sure to choose an exciting new venue that suits your company’s expectations for overall event goals and mood. 

Plan Events Virtually

We expect that the industry will continue to make virtual events planning and cutting down on site-visits in-person.

2020 Event Trends: Interactive Live Event Entertainment 

People need human connection, and this is exactly why your event needs immersive experiences. Immersive experiences will take many forms avoid unscheduled social media moments. 

2020 Event Trends: Data-Driven Decision Making

In the year 2020, the use of data to schedule event decisions will be at the forefront. Data is a dominant tool for creating a successful event. You can use the data in many ways which was impossible before to make important decisions for your event.

2020 Event Trend: A Focus on Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion will remain at the forefront when planning events in the year 2020.  Diversity and inclusion reach far beyond race and ethnicity, spreading across age, gender, physical ability, religion, …