Day: January 15, 2018

Healing in the Name of Jesus

You have a chronic illness that does not go away. You’ve been to the doctor and undergo various treatments. Not only that, you also come to many servants of God to be prayed for but why I do not go away too? “Let us return to what the Bible.

First, God does not forbid the use of drugs and medical means. Even in the Bible records how the Apostle Paul suggested medical care for the problem of Timothy’s abdominal pain (1 Timothy 5:23). Medical treatment is also a gift of God. But in the implementation of his treatment, do not forget to invite God to intervene in it.

Second, God can also perform miracles of healing. That is why He has the title of the Magical Doctor. In Matthew, it is recorded how Jesus performed miracles of healing on many people. In Matthew 8:17 writes that Jesus healed the sick … Read More