September 21, 2023


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12 Gift Ideas for Harry Styles Fans

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What it’s like being a Harry Styles fan: having a healthy interest in what he’s up to, watching his Grammys performance a normal number of times in a row (over 3/under 10), being regular-amounts jealous of Olivia Wilde.

What it’s like being a Harry Styles stan: explaining the meaning of “Watermelon Sugar” to people who simply did👏 not👏 ask👏 , having a vast knowledge of every single one of Harry’s tattoos, disliking other former members of One Direction for literally no reason.

Things these two distinct groups have in common? Being proud owners (slash…collectors) of some Harry Styles merch! And as with most celebrity merch, finding the ultimate Harry-themed item for yourself or a friend is an art form. Like, too extra and you’re going to get looks in public due to Harry’s face being plastered across your shirt. Too subtle and no one will even understand your deep Harry love.

Which brings us to our list of ultimate Harry Styles gifts, a delectable assortment of items—some of which are truly so cool people who don’t even like Harry Styles (HOW DARE YOU) would probably be pretty happy to own them. From ’90s-inspired vintage band tees, to a sweater from Harry’s own merch line, to the literal glasses he wore in the video for “Watermelon Sugar,” here are the best Harry Styles gifts the internet has to offer. Now excuse me while I inform my credit card what’s about to go down.

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For When You Wanna Be Subtle

Treat People With Kindness Glitter Crewneck Sweatshirt

Harry Styles


No one but Harry Styles enthusiasts will get this sweater, which means you can wear it in public without people being like “Oh…an unhinged fan walks amongst us.”


For When Harry Styles Is Art

Watermelon Sugar Harry Styles Poster

Weirdly this poster has yet to be hung in the Louvre, so you might as well hang it in your gallery wall.


For When You’re Feeling Emosh

Harry Styles Vinyl



Real Harry Styles fans moodily play his music on vinyl while wistfully staring out a window, and that’s just a fact!


For When You Want to *Be* Harry

Harry Styles Watermelon Sugar Blue Flower Sunglasses

If you need me this summer, I’ll be wandering around NYC dramatically wearing these shades. 


For When You’re Playing It Cool

Harry Styles Vintage ’90s Shirt



It’s a vintage band tee that just happens to have Harry Styles on it, okay?? No further questions!


For When You Want Your Gift to Be Wrapped in a Gift

Harry Styles Gift Wrap & Gift Tag



Incredibly extra Harry Styles gift-givers only, plz.  


For When You Wanna *Be* Harry Pt. 2

Harry Styles ~Inspired~ Dark Blue Floral Millefiori Necklace



Oh, this ol’ thing? Just the same necklace Harry Styles wore in the video for “Golden.”


For When You Wanna Copy Harry’s Silhouette

A Pair of Pants He Would Approve Of



Listen, I know I don’t have to tell you this, but Harry loves a wide-leg trouser. Preferably with pleats. And in a fun color. Definitely tailored. 


For When Harry Is Calling You

Harry Styles Phone Case



I mean, he’s already your lock-screen photo, so.


For When You Wanna Copy Harry’s Silhouette Pt. 2

Silk Shirt with High Collar + Puffy Statement Sleeves



Watch out, these voluminous sleeves may cause fans to ask you for a selfie and an autograph. I mean, you saw the trench coat he wore during his Vogue shoot, didn’t you? (DW, I know you did.) 


For When You BREATHE Harry Styles

Harry Styles Ballerina Air Freshener

Them: “Why does it smell so good in your car?”

Me: *points to Harry Styles air freshener* 


For When You’re Doing the Most

Chandelle Feather Boa



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