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Witches and Their Stories The records of the code of Hammurabi have indicated that in 2000 BC, witches have already existed in Ancient Babylonia and Egypt. It has been said that if a man has placed a spell or a curse to another man and has not justified, the man whom the spell was placed will mysteriously go to the holy river. Witches and witches still exist even in our modern times, and they are not just some concepts or stories found in bestseller fiction books or a blockbuster Hollywood movies. If you do a little research on the Internet, you will find out that these witches are still living and practicing witchcrafts even today. All male individuals who practice witchcraft are also known as wizards, sorcerers, and sometimes warlocks if they are practicing the forbidden art which is also known as black magic. Meanwhile, the women or females who practice witchcraft are known as witches or Wiccans. A lot of people believe that these witches worship and serve the devil himself. Ever since these witches arrive on our planet, they are portrayed as people who utilizes nature and cast spells to cause pain and suffering to the community. You might have heard of true witch stories and how they were burned in Britain during the late medieval times. For many years, the church and the government itself have hunted these witches. During the medieval times, the witch is hunted and they are strapped to a dunking stool and then submerged in the local river or lake. If the woman dies, then it would suggest that she is not a witch, but if she survives, then they will call her a witch and then be burned at the stake alive. Many of these alleged witches are poor and they don’t have any family with them. They go around the community asking for food and milk. They are known to curse households who don’t give any food. There are parents out there who scares their children by telling stories about witches and their curses. You will notice that these witches have appeared in many children’s fairy tales, such as Snow White, Wizard of Oz, and Hansel and Gretel. Even adults are treated with scary witch movies such as the Blare Witch Project. A lot of people today have a vague concept of what real witches are. If it is your desire to know more about witches, then it is best that you read books or watch documentaries of witches. You can actually talk to a real witch if you do your research very well. Ask them politely about witchcrafts and listen to their testimonials.What You Should Know About Stories This Year

What You Should Know About Stories This Year