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Alternatives to Prescription Drugs When Treating IBS If you are experiencing IBS you already know how severe the symptoms are. This ailment has probably messed up your day-to-day activities. Nevertheless you are not on your own. This illness affects one out of five Americans. A lot more people suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome across the world. Doctors might not know the primary cause, but there are ways to treat the symptoms. Below are some of the alternative methods to prescription medication when treating IBS. Psychological Interventions Increasing awareness of yourself is a good way of dealing with the awful symptoms. Your immune system is linked to your mental functionality. You can try a variety of mental exercise to help reduce your gastrointestinal issues. One of the things you could try is meditation. Meditating is a great way of helping your body heals itself by getting your emotions and thoughts to vibrate at a particular frequency. On the other hand, you may see a therapist to help you with other alternative relaxation methods. Some of the techniques used by therapists include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and hypnosis. Boosting Good Bacteria in Your Gut It is important to ensure that you have the right amount of probiotics in your diet. Ingesting a food that is rich in probiotics is a good way of combating some of the IBS symptoms. A diet with fermented foods is a great way to getting the right amount of good microorganisms in your gut. You can also consider increasing a diet in sauerkraut, kefir, miso soup, dark chocolate, and yogurt.
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Eliminate Allergens Allergens are food products that increase IBS symptoms. One such allergen is gluten. The human stomach is not designed to digest gluten protein because it destroys the gut lining. You can avoid IBS symptoms by getting rid of any product that is rich in gluten. Pastries, cakes, cereals, oats, bread, and pasta are examples of such products. If you want to avoid the harsh effects of irritable bowel syndrome, make a point of avoiding any food that contains gluten.
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Moreover, soy, nuts, eggs, dairy products, and yeast are some of the other allergens you should avoid. You can decide to reintroduce one of the products after twelve weeks of avoiding it. Make a point of ensuring that you are dealing with organic and unprocessed foods. Work Out Many people exercise so that they can get rid of anxiety, stress and depression. Research shows that you can experience some IBS symptoms when you are stressed. Working out can act as a stress reliever especially if it is done consistently. Exercise stimulates regular intestinal contractions which help in bowel movements. Moreover, this technique is also used to cleanse the mind when it comes to dealing with any unresolved issues. Increase Your Fiber Intake Fiber is excellent at controlling IBS symptoms. Fiber works so well for people with mixed IBS which brings about constipation and diarrhea.