Six Astounding Facts about Creativity

Creativity is a surprisingly interesting concept to consider. It provokes unique thoughts, deep daydreams and even empathy. The wonders of the creative mind have been consistently studied by both scientists and psychologists alike. Some eye-opening facts about creativity are listed in this article below.

Conformity Negatively Affects the Creative Mind

People conform everyday to their careers, by joining popular group belief and to society in general. By society’s rules conforming is a good thing. On the contrary, by not being an individual, original ideas become stifled and bland. Besides this, following the crowd sadly leads to bullying and group violence. Just because everybody does it, it doesn’t make it okay.

Be Open to New Experiences

Being in a unique, different atmosphere, meeting new people or smelling a pleasant scent may provoke new ideas. Cork and Canvas is a great place to have a new experience, meet people and enjoy art. A painting may have its roots in an inspiring dish at a restaurant in Paris. Being open to the way of life of another may bring about a positive change in someone’s closed-minded opinion just by becoming more accepting.

Exercise Boosts Creative Thinking

A study conducted by Stanford proves that walking boosts creative thinking and the environment wasn’t the main factor. Exercise allows creative juices to flow by stimulating the brain plus it is great for improving one’s mood. The exercise doesn’t need to be strenuous. Whether it be swimming, running or hiking, exercise is a fun way to get creative!

Solitude Improves Creativity

While being regularly social is healthy, studies show that too much time on social media or even being too close to others may hinder creativity. Spending time alone allows a person to think about the feelings of others and form more complete thoughts and complex ideas. This is why many artists have been known to complete their famous works in a relaxed and lone atmosphere. A few even became mentally ill like Vincent van Gogh and Beethoven.

Being in Love and Creativity

Being in a committed relationship is good for creativity because it encourages holistic thinking which leads to better creative cognition. Romance makes people more open to the way another thinks. If the relationship is only of a sexual nature it makes a person focus on concrete details by forcing them to be in the moment.

Be More Empathetic and Artistic

Being creative often promotes empathy in those who may not have enough. Most children are taught to draw, and they normally care selflessly, openly and shamelessly. Dramatic photographs have the power to provoke empathy by stirring the emotions. Viewing a romantic painting like The Kiss, for example, stirs thoughts of romantic love. Empathy is one of the most important human emotions to cultivate.

Creativity obviously has a multitude of benefits. Another fact is that trauma makes people more creative. What’s one of the most positive facts about creativity? It brings people together in a positive, fun and uplifting atmosphere.