Choosing the Right Bridal Makeup Style

It’s no secret that a wedding takes a lot of time and planning, and bridal makeup is no exception to that rule. Since you’ll be the center of attention at your wedding, it’s important to plan a look that compliments your style and theme. Here are three tips for planning the perfect bridal makeup look.

1. Skin Tone

While a good bridal makeup service can work with any skin tone, certain colors will generally look better on different people. As a rule, paler skin should opt for pastels and softer colors, but there’s definitely some wiggle room. If you like an edgier look, try medium-toned browns with yellow undertones, which will darken your look while blending beautifully into the skin.

For more olive skin tones, you have a lot more freedom than other brides because your skin is light enough to handle peach colors and dark enough to support even the boldest red. For the brides with medium toned skin, your makeup will be less about complexion and more about personal taste.

Brides with darker skin tones can pull off the most vibrant colors, with pops of vibrant berry blush being particularly popular this year. Look for bronzers and highlighters with golden undertones to bring a natural glow to skin while adding beautiful dimensions to your face.

2. It’s All About Location

The location of your wedding will drastically impact the style of makeup you’re looking for. While you may want to try a matte look with a dramatic lip and smoky eye for a winter wedding in northern Michigan, that look probably won’t work in warmer climates. This is especially true for a formal wedding, where the venue is likely a more high brow establishment and heavier makeup will be expected.

Instead, if you’re looking at wedding makeup services in Orlando, choose a company with experience in softer, dewy looks with colors that will naturally blend into your skin for a “your skin but better” look. Your backyard or beach wedding in Florida will benefit greatly from bridal makeup that’s more casual and natural-looking, since heavy makeup is likely to cake in the heat and be inappropriate for a more relaxed event.

3. Stay True to Yourself

When working with a talented makeup artist, there’s almost always a way to bring your personal style into your bridal makeup regardless of skin tone or location. This is your wedding day, so don’t be afraid to incorporate your favorite makeup trends into your bridal look.

Bridal makeup is of course going to be different from your everyday look, but use some of your favorite colors and products to make sure you’re looking like yourself. If your signature look includes a red lip or a shimmery pink blush, then by all means, work that into your wedding day! The key is to look and feel beautiful, and the best way to do that will be to stay rooted in the everyday trends that make you an individual.