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The Most Popular Video Games Each and every human beings all over the world have their very own hobbies which they regularly do with their friends, families, or love ones, during their free time or leisure time, and while the era of modernization is not yet happening to us, those games are called as traditional or folk games which can be played with the use of vertigo, creativity, chance, repetition of patterns, strategy and physical skills. The most common form of traditional or folk games that are very popular in those times, includes clapping games, cops and robbers, ball tag, ball games, bloody knuckles, apple bobbing, blind man’s buff, catch, chain tag, dodgeball, doctor, four square, crack the whip, hot potato, hand games, hopscotch, hide and seek, jumping ropes, I spy, kick ball, jinx, London bridge, limbo, patty cake and leap frog. Now, that we are already living in the modern era, the traditional games are still played but it’s already evolved into a much modernized manner, and those games are now called as video games, and the commonly used tools and medium for such games includes modern devices like personal computers, mobile phones, tablets and laptops, the internet, arcade machines, other platforms such as the television and video game consoles and game controllers such as joysticks, gamepad, keyboards, mouses, buttons and touchscreens of modern devices. There are a lot of various types of video games that have been developed and invented by game developer companies, such as web browsers, arcade games, console games which is a dedicated type of platform, hand held games and lastly is the PC games or personal computer games. There are a lot of video games that are being developed, created and introduced to the public by different game developers, and some of the most popular games includes mahjong, grand theft auto, super Mario, tetris, world of Warcraft, minecraft, pac-man, the legend of Zelda, highstreet5, resident evil, final fantasy, call of duty, street fighter, halo, diablo, solitaire, and many more. Most of the gamers or players of these variety of video games much preferred to do their favorite hobbies online, which can provide them the convenience since they can still do it wherever they may go, especially with the games that can be downloaded on their devices and can be played offline, and because of that most of the video game developer companies are offering their products which are already developed into a more modernized manner, some can also be played for free and that is what we called as free play. The gamers or players who wants to find out if their favorite video games are available to be played online or available to be downloaded can look for the game developer companies who developed their favorite video games online, because most of the game developer companies have their very own website which is accessible to their clients.

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