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How to Catch Fish in Cold Weather

Catching fish in cold weather is a difficult proposition, whether it is in the river of in the ocean. Most people normally give up trying to catch the fish during this period, which falls between December and February. However, this doesn’t mean that fish can’t be caught during the cold weather. You just need to change the tactics a bit in order to end up with a nice catch.

Fish normally move into the river system itself rather than anywhere in the river during the cold weather. During normal weather when the temperatures are a bit warmer, fish normally move anywhere in the river including near the banks. Cold weather however makes fish to move to deeper sections of pools, ponds, and oceans, where temperatures are better off. Fishermen, on the other hand, normally make the mistake of having to look for fish in the same places that they usually caught them during the warm weather. To catch fish effectively throughout the year, fish in the deepest sections of the pool during the cold weather.

Always go fishing with a warm pair of gloves during the winter. No matter the style of fishing you intend to follow, you will definitely use your hands at some point and you definitely want to have a good grasp of the line or net. By keeping your hands warm in gloves, you will be able to feel the knots on the fishing rod and even pull your catch out of the water easily. Frozen hands can give you a hard time when it comes to pulling out your catch.

Fish usually eat way less during the cold weather that they do in the warm weather. Being cold blooded, their mechanism doesn’t function any better during freezing temperatures. Don’t use too much bait since you’ll end up with little or no catch. Therefore, reduce the amount of bait that you use in the cold weather to increase your chances of catching them. If you are used to using a couple of live worms, then you need to downsize and use only two inches of the worm. Prepare to make more casts since fish can only go for bait when it moves close enough to it.

Given the tips above, it wouldn’t be that difficult for you to find places that fish are located during the cold weather and even catching them. Beware of the places that fish can be found, which is in the deep waters, and work your way towards ensuring that you cast your bait in strategic areas. This way, you will end up getting a good catch.
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