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Guide to Stock Photography and Its Benefits In 1920 H. Armstrong Roberts founded one of the first major stock photo agencies, and this market the start of the popularity of stock photography. Secondary images from commercial magazine shoots were what comprised stock libraries before. In this day and age stock photography has grown and through the internet stock photographs of both professional and amateur stock photographers are marketed by may stock photo agencies. You have a lot of flexibility when you sell your work through a stock photo agency and this is one of its main benefits. The amount of time and workload that you do all depends on you. Since you are your own boss, you need self discipline despite this flexibility. Another benefit is that you are your own boss, nobody telling you what to do, no hassling, no complaining, no cancellations, and things associated with having a boss. With flexibility you can shoot on subjects that you think will sell and then upload it in the website of a stock photo agency and then go on to the next assignment. You can leave your photos to the agency to manage its sales. Payment by checks or through Pay Pal are the common ways by which these agents pay the photographers. With the stock photography industry, stock photographers benefit from being able to work from any corner of the world. You can also upload anywhere. Since PayPal is done online, then you can receive payments for your work wherever you are.
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Up to this point stock photography seems to sound an easy job to do. When you are just starting to build your portfolio, there is really hard work involved in it. It is usually the first sale that triggers that encouragement to do more, and then you will find yourself receiving little by little, more and more sales and you will soon find yourself creating a nice secondary income for yourself.
Understanding Pictures
You will find that some of your images sell frequently over and over again. Depending on the stock agency you work with, the value of an image will increase after a certain number of sales. Even a single popular image can pay you well over time. To help you with choosing images, you can browse through a stock library to see the work of other photographers. Searches by subject can benefit you greatly. There are sites that show the statistics of each photograph such as the number of views and number of downloads. This is very valuable indeed because you can see exactly what subject matter has sold well in the past.